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dualogy SuDoku Pro
Su Doku: The highly addictive puzzle craze—with SuDoku Pro now available for PC!
These simple yet tricky puzzles have famously enthralled puzzlers in Japan and the UK, and now gain a worldwide following.
Hannelore Giese says:

This Sudoku Pro is the best game I have seen on the Net so far. I had superb and prompt help. For that I really thank you very much. I have recommended this game to many of my friends, especially because of the good service and help I have received so far. This is a great program.


SuDoku Pro Options

SuDoku pro offers the following ways of customizing your playing experience to suit your needs:

Selecting the display language

SuDoku Pro is currently available in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. The program will automatically choose the right language based on the culture installed with your operating system. You can, however, override this setting and specify one of the supported languages explicitly in the Options/Language menu. To set the language to the standard setting suitable for your operating system, choose (Automatic).

Changing the puzzle font

Click Font... in the Options menu to change the type face, font size, style and color used to display SuDoku Pro puzzles. For example, if your puzzle cannot be displayed because it is too large for the available display size, you can choose a smaller font to display the puzzle.

Other options

  • In the Options menu, you can activate or deactivate the option to Draw Shaded Guiders. When activated, the row and column that contain the grid cell currently under the mouse cursor are highlighted with a distinctive color, making it easier to track your current position and the context of the current grid cell.
  • In the Options menu, you can activate or deactivate the option to Hide Invalid Choices. If deactivated (the default setting) and you display the list of choices for an empty grid cell (or one that was initially empty when the puzzle was first presented to you), the list contains all possible symbols, even those that would be invalid for the cell in question. If this option is activated, that list contains only those choices that are valid for the current grid cell.
  • In the Options menu, you can activate or deactivate Play Sounds , the option to have a sound played whenever you choose an invalid move or whenever the puzzle is solved.

Seeing is believing:

Download your free 14-day trial version of SuDoku Pro straight away!
Sudoku freeware for mobile computing devices
Pocket SuDoku / SuDoku CE As a free gift just for trying SuDoku Pro, we provide both Pocket SuDoku (for Pocket PC compatible devices) and SuDoku CE (for Windows CE compatible devices). These are unsupported, but work great and let you play on your mobile device the same as on your PC. These freeware programs are included in the SuDoku Pro trial version.
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