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dualogy SuDoku Pro
Su Doku: The highly addictive puzzle craze—with SuDoku Pro now available for PC!
These simple yet tricky puzzles have famously enthralled puzzlers in Japan and the UK, and now gain a worldwide following.
Darrell Clark says:

Absolutely LOVE the sample puzzle program AND the free CE program that comes with it. Ordered the full version thru PayPal yesterday. Loved the trial program. Looking forward to the Pro version.


Solving Puzzles

Refer to the Rules of Su Doku for more general information on how to solve a SuDoku Pro puzzle.

To go about solving a SuDoku Pro puzzle, start by hovering the puzzle grid area with your mouse.

Visual snap lines will instantly indicate to you where you can make further moves. Your own moves are shaded differently than the pre-populated grid cells.

Invalid moves are indicated by displaying the respective symbol in a red, crossed-through font.

Click on an empty grid cell (or one that was initially empty, even though it may now contain a move) to see a list of possible moves. You can then select a move from that list.

You can also solve a puzzle using your keyboard. You can navigate through the grid using the arrow keys, and populate the grid cells by simply entering the values on your keyboard. Use the Space or Backspace key to clear a cell.

To activate keyboard control, press a key while the puzzle display area is active (that is, it has got the system focus, indicated by a dotted rectangle around the puzzle display area). To activate mouse control, press a mouse button once inside the puzzle display area.

SuDoku Pro Assistence

SuDoku Pro can assist you in solving Su Doku puzzles:

  • First, you can use the Undo and Redo buttons to jump back to any point "in the past". For example, seven moves ago, you may have made a move that led you towards a sub-optimal solution path or one that yields no solution at all. You can go back to that point and pursue a different path without having to start the puzzle all over. (Of course, you could start the puzzle all over by clicking Undo until you are back to grid cell one.)
  • Secondly, you can activate the Hide Invalid Choices option in the Options menu. This setting is deactivated by default to make puzzling more interesting for you in the first place. However, particularly with more complex puzzles it is easier if the spectrum of choices in the list of possible moves for a particular grid cell is constrained to contain only valid moves.
  • If you really feel you are stuck and need a hint, SuDoku Pro can show you the Next logical step towards a solution. SuDoku Pro makes a move on your behalf, which is highlighted in a distinctive color in the grid. The move is explained in the status bar.
  • Finally, you can always "cheat" and see the solution SuDoku Pro had in "mind" by clicking the Solve button and see the solution to the current puzzle.

Seeing is believing:

Download your free 14-day trial version of SuDoku Pro straight away!
Sudoku freeware for mobile computing devices
Pocket SuDoku / SuDoku CE As a free gift just for trying SuDoku Pro, we provide both Pocket SuDoku (for Pocket PC compatible devices) and SuDoku CE (for Windows CE compatible devices). These are unsupported, but work great and let you play on your mobile device the same as on your PC. These freeware programs are included in the SuDoku Pro trial version.
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