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dualogy SuDoku Pro
Su Doku: The highly addictive puzzle craze—with SuDoku Pro now available for PC!
These simple yet tricky puzzles have famously enthralled puzzlers in Japan and the UK, and now gain a worldwide following.
Steven Wilcoxon says:

Keep up the good work.

Features & Benefits

This page gives you an overview of the outstanding features found in SuDoku Pro™:

Millions of Generated Puzzles

SuDoku Pro actually generates the puzzles on the fly, so there really is no limit to the number of puzzles that you can play. Enjoy endless puzzle fun.

Custom Sizes

You can choose from four different sizes; 4×4, 9×9, 16×16 and 25×25, so you can make the puzzle as complicated as you like, or perhaps let your children play at the 4×4 size. Give it a try today.

Highlight Character

Especially with the large puzzles it can be handy to be able to see all of one number or letter highlighted at a time. This way you can solve for all the ones, then all the twos, etc.. This really becomes addictive in the 25×25 puzzles for seeing the patterns. Why not try it now?

Pencil Marks

By just holding down the shift key (or clicking the Pencil Marks Mode button) you are able to enter a pencil mark, which is a smaller, lighter number to remind you of the options for a given square. These are easily removed at later stages, unlike the careful crossing or rubbing out required with the paper games. Try it out.

Custom Difficulty

You can choose from multiple different difficulty levels, so the generated puzzle will be customised to your ability. Have a try.

Custom or Autosize Fonts

By default the font size automatically changes as you resize the program window, this makes it especially easy for those with less than perfect eyesight to see the game. If you wish, you can override this autosizing by specifying your own precise font and size. I see...

Strikethrough Errors with Sound Alert

When you select a number that just doesn't go, because it already exists in the row, column or square then it is displayed in red with a strike through it - also, an error sound is played (you can switch off the error sound too if you choose). This way you are alerted of those silly mistakes so you don't find out when it's too late. Try it today.

Helpers, Hints and Cheats

SuDoku Pro gives you as much, or as little, help as you want; from a simple output showing what numbers are left in the column, row and box for the current square, all the way through to having the software actually make the next move for you. You will never be stuck with an unsolved puzzle again, and this can actually help you learn how to play better by seeing what move the computer would make next. Never be stuck again.

Undo and Redo

SuDoku Pro remembers every move you make, and what order you made them in. The Undo feature allows you to undo your previous moves, all the way back to your first move if you like. This makes doing trial-and-error solving in the difficult games especially easy. The Redo function does the opposite of the Undo, just in case you Undo too many moves. Download your free trial.

Auto-save and Auto-restore

SuDoku Pro automatically saves where you're up to in the current game, so if you close the game for any reason, the next time you open it up it will be precisely where you were up to last time. It even restores your game timer.

Timer with Pause

As soon as you begin a game the clock is ticking, you can pause the game and the puzzle is hidden from view, then when you unpause it the clock begins again and you can resume solving the puzzle. Try it out.

Save and Open

You can save puzzles for later, and they save away into a plain text file which you can email, backup, or even post to a forum. At any stage, you (or anyone with SuDoku Pro) can open that saved game and resume playing. Try the freedom.

Print Function

You can print in a variety of ways. You can print your current puzzle either in its original state, or with your moves so far. You can also set SuDoku Pro up to print out any number of randomly generated puzzles for you. So you can print out a bunch of puzzles for your friends and family, or just for yourself: you won't need to pay for puzzle books anymore.

Email Function

You can email your puzzle either in its original state, or showing your moves so far. This is great for sharing difficult puzzles with your friends, or challenging them to complete a puzzle in less time than you. Take the challenge.

Free Upgrades For Life

The purchase of SuDoku Pro includes free upgrades to any new versions of the software, for life. You never need to pay for an upgrade. Sounds like a good deal.

Seeing is believing:

Download your free 14-day trial version of SuDoku Pro straight away!
Sudoku freeware for mobile computing devices
Pocket SuDoku / SuDoku CE As a free gift just for trying SuDoku Pro, we provide both Pocket SuDoku (for Pocket PC compatible devices) and SuDoku CE (for Windows CE compatible devices). These are unsupported, but work great and let you play on your mobile device the same as on your PC. These freeware programs are included in the SuDoku Pro trial version.
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